Little Sister

Little sister, you are kind and courageous.
Little sister, you are love and light.
Little sister, you are beauty and peace.
But little sister, you are not so little anymore.

I know this is a week late, but there's a song that goes with it. And on your birthday the frustrations of recording were getting to me. But it's been way too long not recording this song called Home. I wrote this during a time that was hard for both of us. To be brave during a season of change. To embrace a new place, a new community, a new life. I think we're pretty good at being brave now, considering how much has changed since then. Our journey through this life together has been a crazy one. All the places we've lived and all the things we've experienced. All the fun, exciting moments. All the scary ones. All the changes. All the homes we've made... and we're not even close to the end. But I know one thing for sure. You will always be my home. And while we're still getting there, I won't let go of that.

So grab my hand, little sister, and lets find our way home.


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Making our way
Feeling come what may
On a small street corner
In San Luis California.

The sun shines bright all day
But at night theres a cool breeze coming
So hold on to me closely.

If you need a rain check
My dear don't fret
This is home.

They strung some lights
Up the hill behind
Where the ocean lies
So this is this years Christmas.

And if you want you can doubt
While the boys go out
But tomorrow you know
That things will be the same.

Hold on to your pride
But don't drag it around
It might rust.

Ooh, it's alright. 
Just ride your waves in tonight
You and I will find our way home.

Take my hand and we'll climb
To the top of the hill
And look out down below
Where the city lights glow so bright.

And the shiny sea
That calls out to me
You can join in the fun
We can bask in the sun
And forget about life for a while.

Save your words
Don't come undone
Take this time with me
And we'll run cross the fields of yellow
And the tall grass that grows in the meadow.

Cause now it's your time to fly away
Oh no, don't cry
Cause you and I will find our way home tonight
Yeah baby you and I will find our way home.


  1. Well, you sure do know how to make your mama cry on this rainy morning. How I love you and your sisters. I am so proud of you for taking this time in your life to write and be creative and share some of what comes out of that with the rest of us. My heart almost can't take the bursting.

  2. I love the piano and voice tracks. You have a certain realism to your writing. Not sure how you could have described your relationship with your sister any more accurately and eloquently. This is beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Oh Sadie! My face is all wet. What a beautiful relationship you and your sisters have.
    When I asked Lucy if she wanted to listen to the song with me, she said, "Oh, it's Sadie singing. I thought it was just a boring picture with music. " She really liked your song though and says hi. We love you girls. Way to be brave and keep holding onto each other.


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