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Another Ghost Story

Earlier this week we got a house blessing. And some barn blessings. And a shed blessing. And a yurt blessing. And even a tractor blessing. I can't exactly understand what it means when my dad walks through the house "blessing" all the rooms. Something about getting rid of evil and filling the space with love.
We live in a really old house. The floors creak. Windows and doors close when another opens. In the bedroom that's empty, some stranger things have happened. In the darkest, quietest hours of the night, when I get up to feed my baby, I've heard and seen the doors open and slam shut. We also have a piano in that room and one night I heard the keys playing. We do have mice... but my intrigue for something more spiritual says it wasn't that. 
I've always believed in ghosts. And in my mind they're something scary... evil dead people dwelling in peoples homes, trying to scare those living there, or maybe do something even worse. I check on Jude multip…

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